The Law

The Idaho 2006 Big Game Seasons Rules booklet states on page 8

"Possession and Sale of Wildlife Parts:
Lawfully harvested wildlife parts-except edible meat from game animals-may be purchased, bartered and sold when accompanied by a written statement showing said wildlife was legally harvested. If black bear or mountain lion parts-excluding tanned/finished rugs or mounts-are sold or bartered, a signed written statement showing taker's name, address, license and tag numbers, date and the location of kill must be provided to the buyer."

It is legal to sell all the items I have listed in Idaho. It may or may not be legal for me to ship them to you. I will have to check with your states Department of Fish and Game to see if I can legally ship to you. If it is illegal in your state I will not ship it because it is in violation of Federal law (Lacey Act) to do so. In some states (New Jersey, for one) it is illegal for me to ship to you but it is not illegal for you to come to Idaho and buy a bear skin rug and take it back to your own state. Strange, but that is the way it is. I will have to check with each state.
There are NO exceptions to this. Please DO NOT ask me to break the law!

You may check with your own state too. Click HERE for the phone numbers of all the individual Departments of Fish & Game in the USA.

If you are a Native American you will have to check with your Tribal Elders to see if I can legally ship to you.

International Sales

To sell outside the USA I have to get:

  1. An import/export license. Cost $100.00. Takes 30-60 days to process.
  2. A Cites permit for each item. Cost $100.00. Takes 90 days to process.
  3. An export permit for each individual shipment. Cost $55.00. Supposedly it processes fairly quickly.
  4. I have to double box the item and send it to a port of entry. There the US Fish & Game officer will inspect it and then reship it to whatever nation I am selling to.
You must contact your own nations Customs department and find out if it is legal for you to import whatever it is you are buying and if you need an import permit for it. Therefore plan on double shipping costs. Probably $40-50 to get it to the Port of Entry and then whatever it costs to ship to your nation.


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